August 28th, 2008

chicka chicka yeah

Hey everyone!!

I don't know where to post anymore. Here or my Tumblr (supersexysara). I only have 2 followers on Tumblr, as opposed to a bunch more over here....I don't know. What should I do?!

Yesterday was my birthday. It was a nice, quiet day. My sister gave me a cold, so I ended up sleeping for a large portion of the day.

I got some pretty great stuff though!
  • a manicure from my sister
  • a cold from my sister (ok, this one = not so great.)
  • gossip girl season 1 dvds
  • $$$
  • pizza for dinner, mmmm.
  • $20 off my hair appointment (I got some low-lites! I think it looks pretty good!)
  • free tim hortons! (it's a long story)
  • a new job assignment!!!

So yeah! It is too bad that I didn't have a party like last year though. Maybe I will in the near future, but I have just been too tired lately to party.

I am starting a new job assignment on Tuesday. I am so excited, there are just no words to describe said excitement. I need to make some money. I am getting pretty broke.

Oh, I also tried the Vanilla Bean frappuccino today at Starbucks. It is amazing! Tastes like Oreos.

I guess that's it. Have a great long weekend, everyone!!!
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